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What does it cost? $99 to set up and publish your sweepstakes plus 5% of ticket donations. This covers the entire cost for ticket printing and credit card fees. It’s just that simple; no pestering volunteers to sell tickets and no wasted money on unsold tickets.
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Rules for creating a sweepstakes:

  1. In order to be consistent with the definition of “sweepstakes” people will be able to enter without making a donation. In our experience only a very small percentage of the entrants will request this.
  2. Rhode Island requires registration before it’s residents can enter, those residents are excluded from entering the sweepstakes unless your organization registers there. Due to Rhode Island’s population we don’t think its worth the effort unless you believe you will have a lot of donations from Rhode Island.
  3. New York and Florida limit the total value of sweepstakes prizes to $5000. If your prizes total value exceeds $5000 you will need to exclude residents of those states from entering. If you don’t wont to exclude New York and Florida residents, you are required to register in those states.
  4. For legal reasons, donations made on the portal are not tax deductible to the entrants.
  5. Once the portal has been created, you cannot make any changes to it.
  6. While prizes cannot include cash , you can give gift cards instead.
  7. You are responsible to follow all applicable laws; we make no legal representations.
  • Enter your official organization or company name.
  • This name is displayed to entrants and used for your sweepstakes page address. No special characters are allowed ( ie " . & / , etc )
  • Upload your logo. 1:1 ratio is ideal.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 256 MB.
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